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Arc Flash Audit - Electrical Safety Risk Assessment

Would your business pass a surprise arc flash audit? We can help make that answer "Yes!"

In short, An Arc Flash Audit is a loss prevention program, prevent loss of productivity, property and prevent loss of life or prevent injuries.

Arc Flash safety programs are designed to establish minimum electrical workplace standards that will lead to the prevention of hazardous electrical exposures to electrical workers. Also, Arc Flash safety programs are designed to ensure compliance with Federal and Provincial occupational health and electrical safety regulatory requirements applicable to all electrical systems.

The Canadian Standard for Workplace Electrical Safety (CSA Z462), states that employers "shall implement and document an overall Electrical Safety Program (ESP) that directs activity appropriate for the voltage, energy level, and circuit conditions in and around the work site."

The best Arc Flash safety program allows workers to work on de-energized electrical equipment, unless de-energizing introduces an increased electrical hazard or is not practical. Arc Flash Safety programs are designed to make sure energized electrical work is carried out safely by qualified electrical workers who are properly trained and provided with all appropriate safe work procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE). Arc Flash Safety programs are intended to protect electrical workers from electrical shock, arc flash burns and other electrical safety hazards.

Our Arc Flash Audit is conducted by experienced electrical safety engineers who assist clients in reducing risk, make use of standard operating procedures of electrical equipment, and help to ensure compliance with applicable Provincial and Federal Electrical Safety Standards and Regulations.

When we perform an arc flash audit consulting service, we actually take a systematic approach to evaluating potential electrical hazards, and we recommend precise actions to minimize/prevent these electrical safety hazards (electrical shock, arc flash, and arc blast). Our arc flash audit is really a loss prevention program, to prevent company property and production loss (from arc arc flash and electrical fire hazards), and also to minimize injuries/loss of life to electrical workers.

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Arc Flash Audit Objectives
  • To present the current status of the facility before the top management
  • To evaluate potential hazards and to recommend suggestions for improvements.
  • Diagnose Various on-going losses in the facility
  • Identify deterioration of arc flash standards, areas of risks or vulnerability, arc flash hazards and potential arc flash accidents in facilities
  • Determine actions to minimize arc flash hazards
  • Recommend Measures for Improvement and Electrical Safety
  • Ensure that safety effort is effective & meaningful

Our Arc Flash Audit service is mandated by Clause of the Canadian Standard CSA Z462 to ensure that the principles and procedures of the Electrical Safety Program are being followed. When our audit determines that the principles and procedures of the electrical safety program are not being followed, appropriate revisions will be brought to the attention of the company's management.

Our Arc Flash Auditors recommend yearly inspections of the electrical safety procedures, as well as the safety of the electrical equipment, against the corresponding Canadian codes and standards (CSA Z462, CEC C22.1) in order to ensure the safety of the personnel, increased reliability and efficiency of the power system, as well as to keep the facility's electrical safety program and maintenance procedures up to date with the latest electrical standards.

Arc Flash Audit Final Report Will Contain:
  • Executive Summary
  • Preface to Arc Flash Audit
  • General Observations and Recommendations
  • Review: Potential Arc Flash Electrical Hazards and Control Measures
  • Review: Arc Flash Hazardous Approach Distances - Observations & Recommendations
  • Review: Arc Flash program documentation
  • Review: existing Lockout Program and make recommendations
  • Review: Arc Flash Labeling Program
  • Review: Energized Work Permits and Hazard Risk Assessment Documents
  • Review: Arc Flash PPE Program and Electrical Safety Tools
  • Review: of Electrical Accidents and Control Measures
  • Review: Electrical Maintenance Program
  • Review: Electrical Test Records & Test Procedures
  • Recommendations Report

If required, power system and equipment modifications will be recommended, resulting in an electrically safer working environment and reduced potential damage to the electrical equipment and improve the health and safety of workers. We will also make recommendations, if required, to the improvement of electrical safety tools, arc resistant switchgear installation, personal protective equipment, protective device retrofits, additional documentation, power system analysis, arc flash analysis, etc.

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