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Arc Flash Study Consulting

Our cost-effective Arc Flash Study can result in better protection for your workers and your equipment.

An Arc Flash Study is a detailed electrical engineering study that identifies the specific arc flash hazard potential in electrical equipment within your facility.

Our Arc Flash Study consulting service provides actual calculated short circuit current measurements, tripping times and incident energy. We also review coordination values to mitigate arc flash energy levels while focusing on eliminating nuisance tripping, both during a ground fault and/or phase fault condition.

CSA Z462 Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace specifies that arc flash hazard analysis shall be updated whenever there is a major modification or renovation to the electrical system (e.g., changing a feed or adding large motors). Even in the absence of such changes, CSA Z462 still mandates reviewing the arc flash study a maximum of every five years to account for the many little changes thatcan have a big impact on study results.

Performing the Study

To perform a proper Arc Flash Analysis/Study, we must first perform a short circuit and coordination study or the results of these studies must be made available to our consultant.

An arc flash study is usually performed through the collection of data from existing electrical equipment and systems, followed by the proper calculation of arc flash hazards and requirements by an experienced electrical engineer. This can be done using either the manual method using the most recent IEEE 1584 calculations or using popular arc flash study/short circuit study analysis software.

An arc flash study is not a one-time event, but rather it is just a snapshot of the electrical system at one specific point in time. Any changes to the electrical system can potentially affect the accuracy of the arc flash analysis.

An Arc Flash Study report will detail all input parameters of the study, along with all the calculated results. The results of this study will reveal what the incident arc flash energy values are at all analyzed locations of the electrical distribution system.

Study Results

  • Arc Flash Label
  • Tables of findings / results
  • Time-Current Curves (TCCs) along with a review of coordination of protection devices
  • Short Circuit Currents
  • Arc Flash Incident Energy Values
  • Software Produced Single Line Diagrams
  • CSA Z462 Approved Arc Flash Hazard Labels
  • Any recommendations or mitigation methods that can be implemented to reduce arc flash hazards and improve safety
  • PPE requirements as per CSA Z462

The Electricity Forum recommends that arc flash calculations be completed in conjunction with short circuit study calculations and protective device coordination to achieve the most accurate arc flash hazard results. Short circuit and coordination studies verify protective devices and arc hazard ratings, calculate momentary interrupting and relay currents, establish settings for all types of protective devices and coordinate your entire power distribution system to minimize downtime.

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