electrical safety audit

Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit - A Collaborative Solution!

Our electrical safety audit consulting service is designed for companies that have developed an electrical safety program but need that program audited to make sure the electrical safety program is compliant with the latest Provincial and Federal electrical safety standards and is effective in protecting equipment from failure and damage and protect electrical workers from injury and death.

Electricity Forum Training Institute is actually a team of electrical engineering/electical safety and maintenance specialists in the areas of: low voltage and high voltage industrial, commercial and institutional arc flash/electrical safety, arc flash analysis/study, all working together to increase your company's overall electrical safety and improving the health and safety of your electrical workers. Our company's strength is our multi-disciplinary approach and network of electrical safety specialists.

Electrical Safety Audit

The key objective of the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety standard is to minimize human exposure to the hazards of shock, arc flash, and arc blast, while working on or near exposed electrical conductors or circuit parts that are or can become energized.

CSA Z462 provides guidance to assist companies who want to establish a safe working condition for workers who are exposed to electrical hazards arising from the use of electricity in activities such as installation, maintenance, and uninstallation of equipment.

CSA changes and updates Z462 every three years, as part of keeping up with current technology and safety concerns. In the same way, employers need to also update their electrical safety program in order to address those important changes and conduct on-going electrical safety audits to verify compliance with all relevant Provincial and Federal standards

Audit Scope: The focus of the Electrical Safety Audit is to Examine Five Critical Areas:

  • Electrical Safety Program
  • Safety Training Plan
  • Hazard Assessment & Mitigation
  • Job Safety Plan / Job Safety Briefings
  • Preventive Maintenance

Audit Approach: The Electrical Safety Audit is conducted in three stages:

  • On-Site Information Collection
  • Development of Audit Report
  • Audit Report Review - Findings & Recommendations

Development a safe electrical workplace is an ongoing process. Our electrical safety experts understand power systems are dynamic. We don't present an abstract electrical safety progam that is static. Rather, our electrical safety auditors work with you to understand your unique workplace, then help your team to develop an improved electrical safety program. We consult during and after the implementation phase in order to iron out any transitional problems that arise from workplace changes.


information collection

Program Review and Development

With your support, our electrical safety experts collect information about your company’s operations to better understand your working conditions and common tasks. We will review your existing electrical safety program and when necessary, make notes and recommendations on existing electrical safety program improvements. Following that consultation and collection of information, we produce a first draft of the updated electrical safety program.

findings discussion

First Draft Discussion and Findings

Our electrical safety auditor will communicate with your electrical safety and maintenance teams to discuss findings and details of the program review and first draft of the written program. Based on that additional consultation, revisions can be easily made to the first draft and then presented for additional review.

draft overview

Final Draft Overview and Implementation Process

Our electrical safety auditor will then consult with electrical safety and maintenance personnel to discuss how to implement the changes to the electrical safety program and address next steps.

Once your new electrical safety program has been implemented, our electrical safety auditor can be available for continuing review and consultation.

If required, our Electrical Safety Auditor will recommend power system and equipment modifications, resulting in an electrically safer working environment and reduced potential damage to the electrical equipment and improve the health and safety of workers. We will also make recommendations, if required, to the improvement of electrical safety tools, arc resistant switchgear installation, personal protective equipment, protective device retrofits, additional documentation, power system analysis, arc flash analysis, etc.

Electrical Safety is a Collaborative Solution!
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