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On-Site Arc Flash Training Benefits

Benefits Of On-Site Arc Flash Training

Our electrical on-site arc flash training courses are tailored to meet your company's specific requirements and conducted on your own premises for your employees. Save the cost of travel and hotels and save on our regular public enrollment registration fees. Plus, our instructors can work with you in advance to determine the level of arc flash training and experience of your employees and the specific applications that you would like covered.

Top 5 Benefits To Instructor-Led, On-Site Arc Flash Training Course:

  1. Live Instruction: Online Courses and Videos are a great resource – but nothing can replace having an expert sit down with your team, learn more about the team environment, and deliver a training course that is relevant to your team's experience, current projects, and future learning goals.
  2. Hands-on Skills Training: All of our instructors are personable and friendly, and they can do more than provide lecture instruction. They can also get busy with your team, putting their experience into action and help solve your most critical problems.
  3. Focused Training: Our Experts are focused on delivering training that is strictly dedicated to your specific equipment and practices, is the most effective training solution.
  4. At Your Location: When we deliver on-site training, your team can still address critical plant questions and issues that arise.
  5. Economical: Training budgets are shrinking and travel costs are rising. Our on-site training is much less expensive than sending your staff to a training course in another city. We offer a flat rate training fee with instructor travel costs built in, so you pay for just one flight and one hotel expense. The more students you have, the more you save!

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